Emergency Dentist in Oakridge

Dentists at Oakridge operates emergency services for our patients.

Emergency Dentist in Oakridge

What is considered to be a dental emergency?

  • Is it a broken tooth, broken dentures,
  • an avulsed or knock out tooth,
  • an orthodontic dental emergency,
  • a mobile dental implant,
  • a veneer or crown that had been dislodged,
  • uncontrolled pain from a tooth ache or a dental abscess,
  • uncontrolled intra-oral bleeding or hemorrhage,
  • an infected piercing,
  • unexplained sudden or chronic changes in tooth colour,
  • a foreign body embedded in the intra-oral soft tissue or between the teeth,
  • non healing intra-oral ulcerations,
  • a broken orthodontic retainer.

Dentists at Oakridge provide patients with access to immediate and convenient emergency dentistry services with a dentist or dental professional. Dentists at Oakridge makes every attempt to provide emergency patients with same day dental appointments as high priorities.

Contact us at (604) 261-8262 for hours and availability.

If you are looking for a dentist in Vancouver for Emergency Dentist please call us at (604) 261-8262 or book an appointment online.